The Damned Double Down !

The Damned Double Down !


To commemorate the Damned’s upcoming appearance at the 2018 Burger Boogaloo festival, I’m offering a special twofer deal until the show is over. Normally priced at $75 each, you can have both for only $100. And if you’re going to the show, you can get the band to autograph them for you ! …if they’re in a good mood.


The Damned at Slim's  2010. 
Silkscreen. Edition of 125. 21.75" x 16".

Three color print with pink, silver metallic and transparent "black".

Inspired by a real life event, that angel is our heroine Kandi. The Damned is her favorite band. A few years before this show, we went to see the Damned at Slim's. We were watching the opening band, impatiently awaiting the main act. It was very crowded. We were standing near the four steps down to the door. Kandi said she was going to the can. I said OK. The stairs down to the bathroom are long and steep, made of steel.

A moment later, a guy standing near me says "Is that your girlfriend?"

I looked down the short stairway and there she was, splayed out unconscious in the front doorway. I went to help her up and outside. The club staff people came out to help. They called an ambulance, but Kandi seemed to be improving. The paramedics checked her out and pronounced her to be alright. Apparently, the crowd and heat were too much forour angel.

She wanted to go home, so I went to get her coat down the long steel stairway to the coatroom, realizing it could have been a lot worse if she had actually tried to go down to the bathroom. I came back upstairs and passed the stage just as the Damned opened with "New Rose". We totally missed the show.

So naturally, the next time I had a chance to do a Damned poster, I had to memorialize that evening.


The Damned 35th Anniversary Tour Poster 2011.

Two color silkscreen print with split-fountain ink, signed and numbered edition of 500.

I started working on this design about two months before the show date. I talked to Slim's management about it, and they gave me approval. I actually don't need to ask, they're always fine with my work, but I needed them to contact the band to get approval for me to sell them at the show.

I didn't hear anything back, but continued to work on it. About a week before the show date, I finally heard back from the band, who liked the design. The merch guy said they really needed them, the only merch they had was one t-shirt design. I had designed it specifically for Slim's but he said they wanted it to be a tour poster with all of the dates on it. So I replaced the text. I had been planning an edition of 200 but he said they wanted 500. OK. Only problem was that it was too late to book a printer in time. I was freaking out but I did manage to find a printer. They had a modern automatic set up including a dryer for the prints. Usually The paper needs drying time between colors. But these prints were popping out as fast as a xerox machine. Cool!

I didn't realize until the day before the show that although the prints were dry enough to stack and move, only the surface of the ink was completely dry. They were reeking up my garage and reeked up the entire club the night of the show. I only hope they didn't smell as bad the next day, with the band doing the long drive to LA and the remaining posters on the bus.

Kandi had a great time hanging out with the band and I even got a shot of her and Dave Vanian posing with and imitating the pose in the poster. Life imitating art!

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