Temporary Insanity 1996

Temporary Insanity 1996


 Poster for art show featuring Moscoso, Kozik, Coop, Grimshaw, Seabury, Emek, Arminski, Kuhn, Mats!?, Loren.

I had the pleasure of getting to know Gary Grimshaw, really nice guy, rest in peace.

We worked together on this print in my studio. Gary did the layout and lettering, I did the main image.

I played for almost 30 years in a 60s style band called Mersey Beach. We had a lot of Spinal Tap moments. One time we were booked to play a lunchtime concert at a mall. We would have been alone if not for a halfway home group on a field trip. So we've got two rows of goofy people digging the music. But the stand out was this woman who was really into the music, dancing wildly, flailing her arms about. I did a sketch of her. Later when I got the call for the Temporary Insanity show, I knew I already had the model for the poster.

Four color silkscreen designed and hand pulled and signed by John Seabury and Gary Grimshaw.

18" x 26" signed and numbered by both artists edition of 200.

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