San Pablo Serenade

San Pablo Serenade 1998
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This is one of my most ambitious projects. I printed it when I had my own silkscreen studio. Most of my silkscreens have between two and seven color layers. This has thirteen. Paper size 37 x 26". Screen printing can be a very messy process compared to other print techniques. The ink is more like paint than ink. I left a lot of room around the edges, assuming that I would end up leaving a lot of thumb prints from handling the paper during printing. I intended to trim the edges, but I never did. There turned out to be very few thumb prints, but there were many drips and spills.

It involved numerous drawings, ink and scratchboard and collage elements. Pre-computer. Old school film work, darkroom stuff. Hand cut stencils.

Thirteen different screens, hand pulled with copious amounts of split-fountain ink colors. No two are alike. I printed maybe 150 sheets of paper, on 37" wide stock. For the split-fountain skies in the background I had to turn the screen sideways for the right effect. I pulled all of the sky backgrounds at least twice. So at least 300 full yard-long squeegee pulls . Add to that maybe 1500 more pulls for the rest of the colors. Couldn't throw a tennis ball for my dog for a couple of years after.

John Seabury